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12-13-2011, 06:41 AM
Short-term requests

No More Cash Grabbing. This Includes Lottery Boxes, Pay-4-Chance Items, or any other such half baked idea to gouge money from a player base that's shown to be quick to jump on a new hot item with out thinking first.

Not Charging a single EC or other game currency to create a new costume. I had two empty costume slots and I went to go create something cute to ware around the winter event and BAM!!! I was charged for almost every little change I made to the outfit, change a color, BAM EC's added to the cost. wanted to Remove the fleet logo Bam More EC's Added. I ended up spending almost 10k in Energy Credits to finish the outfit. not cool not cool at all

Better CS, that's right Better Customer Service. I takes up to and some times more then a week for a CSR to send me an update on a ticket and it's always the same cookie cutter response telling me to read the FAQ's which never have an answer

Mid-term requests

More Uniform packs. I've been asking for the 29th Century Uniform packs since launch and I've yet hear anything never remotely close of a oh, yes that's on the list or sure sounds like a good idea thanks

More Personal Inventory Slots and Bank Slots the ( 3x and 4x ) limit placed on the number of times you can buy more slots on any given toon is counter productive. and I don't for one second by this "it bogs down the instance for everyone the more slots someone has" yarn. other MMOs never had this issue. of course they had better system/server set ups.

Make it so that as long as we've got a device or some consoles in our personal inventory they count as being part of our ship's powers for use.

Long-term requests

Ground Environment Update. You did a great job with the Space Visual update and all the old ground zones need a good one two pass over with a power buffer.

Make it so that one can get the Mark XII Gear without playing Elite. New Specile Reserve STF Gear MkXII could be one part for say 80 EDC's twice that of what it takes to get a MkXI part. it's fair.

Get Rid of this Normal/Elite stuff. it's ugly. it should be one difficulty to rule them all.

Love the IP and Love the Social interactions being part of a fleet brings. now please how me how to love Cryptic.