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12-13-2011, 07:43 AM
Originally Posted by Ancalagon021
how to reclaim the va token with a new char?
i maked a new char after the build its now vice admiral and i cannot find how to buy the va ship please help
This has already been answered in your own thread, but just to clear it up for everyone (not you specifically):

1: Chars that reached VA BEFORE season 5 got a VA tolken.
2: Chars that reach VA AFTER Season 5 do not... regardless when they were created.
3: Currently only by being a 600-day VET, will you be able to recive VA tolkens for your chars.
4: Currently the 600-day vet reward is either bugged, or not activated, hence chars will not recive a tolken.
5: Regardless if it is bugged, or not in, eventually 600 day Vets will recive their VA tolken, unless...
6: ... the char in question has already recived (spend or not) a VA tolken.

And, on a small notice: The Sau Paulo shown in DS9 did not have a cloak... Only the Defiant did, and it is unlikely that the Romulans would have supplied the federation with another Cloak, since they weren't too happy with how the cost/reward the original loan turned out.