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12-13-2011, 07:46 AM
What this grab bag has shown is that interest has been generated and there is much to talk about.

Personally, after I acquired the Borg Set and Aegis Set I was sitting around wondering what there was left for me to do in the game other than just rack up emblems and complete accolades. With the new random STF drops, the grab bag (which I won't pay for, rather just race for) it's not jsut a case of working for the best gear anymore, but also there is not a chance that at some point along the line I might aquire something that very few others have gotten. Indeed, not being an ubergamer, but rather an average one, it excites me that I may, at some point, acquire something that others don't have that may give me the edge in something like PvP and help balance out my talents as a gamer.

I see lots of threats to leave STO and head for SWTOR, but I bet most of the people saying that will still be in STO by the time the second anniversary comes around.

Personally I am enjoying the game more at the moment than I previously did, and, as others have said, if you want to spend real money just on a gamble, more fool you.