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12-13-2011, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
If thats true, then wouldn't it be more efficient to use one Neutronium, one Ablative, and one Monotanium instead of four Neutroniums? (You could switch out the Ablative for a Parametallic fighting Polaron or Antiproton PVE enemies, which IIRC are only the Breen)

That way you hit the 40% cap for all your resistances by only using 3 consoles instead of 4.
Probably? I'll try it out later

I was thinking of switching entirely to hull tanking.

2x HE
eng team + aux to struct
tac team, torp high yield 2, cannon scatter volley 2, attack pattern omega
tac team, torp spread 2, cannon rapid fire 2
eng team

but then I have a problem of having two tac teams sharing cool down with eng teams, maybe replace tac teams with faw and beam overload?