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12-13-2011, 10:02 AM
Its simple really, if they have made a lot of money from the lottery bags then they would be stupid to not use them again...... They would also be stupid to add the dominion attack ship to the c-store unless they plan to never add that to a drop bag again...... Would you rather have people throwing cash at you for something they "might" get......spending lots on money on C-points.... or have a set price for something like 800 c-points?

You can rage and whine about it on the forums but people will always buy them due to greed and the need to gamble....... You can rage quit but this is going F2P soon so you will soon be replaced by many more people withing to throw cash at Cryptic and PW......... From a money making point of view.... PW and Cryptic have been very clever.