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12-13-2011, 02:38 PM
When they said they fixed the skill a week ago, I put a point I could spare into it. Tractors seem a little easier to escape with PH now (except when two are tractoring me at the same time), but haven't really been seeing a difference with PSW's effects, but I probably need more than just 1 point in there to be able to tell a difference. I have one or two inertial dampener consoles I could use on a few toons, but haven't bothered testing those as much as I was testing the shield emitter consoles for their effects on TSS.

Someone who has more respec tokens to spare would be able to test way more thoroughly than I have. The few I have left on each toon I plan on using to perfect my power levels this weekend (and I might just wait till they change ground skills next month for that anyway).

Since no skill affects PH right now, I'd like to see inertial dampeners do that.