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12-13-2011, 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
Don't run circles around a target. I love it.

3 DCs, 1 QC, 1 Q-Torp on the bow
2 Arrays, 1 Q-Torp

Full Maco set. I've been running the Defiant for about a year and a half. The turrets in the rear suck up too much power, always have. I strafe my mobile targets and or the ones that have a tendency to shoot back. Helps keep my aft alive.
The game has changed quite a but in that year and a half. I was running completely different layouts back then. Heck, when the game first came out, you couldn't run more than two dual cannons due to shared cooldowns.

Tactical Team and Torpedo spread are a few of the examples of skills that have changed dramatically over that time period, and these new STF's are a COMPLETELY new type of gameplay compared to what was available that long ago.

You have 15 minutes to complete your secondary objectives. Not hard at all on Normal, but if you wish to stand a chance to complete them on Elite, you need to be putting out as much damage as possible with your Escort and your layout just can't accomplish this. Every time you turn to fire your rear weapons, you are loosing time by lowering your damage output.

As for power concerns, of course you have power issues with 4x dual cannons up front! But if you really believe there are power issues running 3x rear turrets with 3x Duals and running 125 Weapons power, then swap out a rear turret for Tractor Mines or switch to TWO forward Torpedos to keep up your forward damage and lower your power usage.