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12-13-2011, 04:58 PM
I run a full borg setup with the shield emitter amplifier +13% shield regeneration rate.
Doing it this way my shields bounce back ultra quick and as long as the shields are taking damage I'm not.
Of course their's always the shield strippers, and running in to a group where you get hit with one ever other second is bad.

I also run a automated defense battery. It's not much but it will take care of most incoming high yield plasma torpedoes.

Some times I switch Boff's depending on whats happening.

I once ran 3 SIF with the thought that +32 repair rate was better than +32 resistance boy was I wrong. It's better to receive little damage than to heal it.

Those tractor mines are awesome if used correctly, some times I see people just auto deploying them this some times is bad, say your trying to get that tac cub on the gate in KA.