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12-13-2011, 04:31 PM
my bread and butter, in PvP, STF, and PvE. its always worked, and worked damn good. granted i dont run anything on elite (no point really- i want the MACO set, but not that bad- id rather have a guaranteed chance at something than a possible/maybe/if your lucky chance to fight with other people over a drop) but this build is great for me, works like a charm, and does its job.


Fore: 2x DHC (AP), 1x DBB (AP), 1x quantum torpedo
Aft: 3x turrets (AP)/ interchange with 2x turrets (Ap) and 1x Tricobalt torpedo

Tac consoles- 4x mk xi AP mag regulators (+24%)
Eng consoles- 1x mk xi field generator (+35% shield cap), 1x mk xi EPS power transfer, 1x cloaking device or mk xi neutronium alloy (+18 all energy/kinetic resist)
Sci consoles- 1x universal borg console, 1x mk xi biofunction monitor (+35% crew regen rate)

Full Aegis Set or Aegis shield + borg engines/deflector

Comm. Tac- THY 1, THY 2, BO 3, APO 3
Lt. Comm. Tac- BO 1, CRF 1, CRF 2
En. Tac- Torp Spread 1 or Tac Team 1
Lt. Eng- EPtS 1, EPtS 2
Lt. Sci- HE 1, Sci Team 2

i never have problems with power output (maybe skill tree points? not sure why others have problem with power problems) and after BO 3, i usually launch torps and wait a second or 2 till my power is refilled to start firing again. not sure why everyone says TSS is a better shield heal- maybe its a playstyle thing, but Sci Team + EPtS usually fills my shields up a lot, if not all the way. HE clears plasma fire and keeps a nice resist. I also use deuterium surplus, mainly because i have tons of it in stock and nothing else but shield batteries to use there.

that build as always worked well and done wonders for me- ive got beam arrays in reserve if i feel like taking away torp spread 1/tac team and using FAW 1, but thats not very often anymore.

also, can someone explain to me why CSV is better than CRF? ive always used CRF and never tried CSV- does it crt more? id rather be focus firing on my target than scattering shots around, but thats me.