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Originally Posted by grandmasteroz View Post
not sure why everyone says TSS is a better shield heal- maybe its a playstyle thing, but Sci Team + EPtS usually fills my shields up a lot, if not all the way.
Its due to the shared cooldown with the 2x Tactical teams. If you are running 2x tac teams, you can't rotate to Engineering team or Science team without not-using tac team for a period of time.

Science team is VERY important for PVP and some PVE missions due to the ability to get rid of certain debuffs (Jam sensors for one) but versus the Borg, it doesn't have as much of a use.
also, can someone explain to me why CSV is better than CRF? ive always used CRF and never tried CSV- does it crt more? id rather be focus firing on my target than scattering shots around, but thats me.
I also used to use Rapid Fire FOREVER until the last few months. Mostly due to Fleet Actions (where I spent the majority of my time, constantly winning Station 24 with the highest DPS).

But with the changes to Torpedo Spread (making it better than High Yield) and combing that with Scatter Volley, you can take out a group of 3-4 targets in the same period of time that it usually takes to kill 1.

For STF's for example, the groups of 3-4 Probes in Khitomer Accord... With Scatter Volley/Torp Spread, you can take out that WHOLE group of probes at the same time VERY quickly, instead of having to focus on the one closest to the gate then moving onto the next one and so forth.

Plus, you can hit multiple mission-critical targets in the STF's as I mentioned, like the little Transformer Regenerators on Infected or KA, or the Probes recharging the cubes in Cure. Doing damage to 2 or 3 of them at a time makes everything go that much faster.

I recommend you test it out and see for yourself!