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Originally Posted by Wraith_Shadow
I've seriously given up on the ship. I'll do the ice run, but beyond that, it's completely unfair that people are getting multiple ships and some people are spending thousands of cpoints to get left out. In one forum a guy mentioned that he managed to get two with in his first 15 boxes. It's this exact pay to win mentality that is causing a lot of people to say good by to Sto.
WAIT WHAT? Werent you doing the same thing?

Originally Posted by Wraith_Shadow
So right off the bat let me just say it was a bad idea from the get go. The new Jem'Hadar ship... I want one for christmas. So I opened the c-store and purchased a few boxes. The a few more and so I and so forth. All in vien, all for nothing. Well not nothing, I now hav an exo comp and a gekli, but beyond that, nothing. Stupid I know but it happened for reasons I'd rather not get into right now.

It's frustrating that there are people getting multiple ships and then turning around selling them on the exchange. Or that half the red boxes people are paying for turn out to be blue boxes. Why would you put a blue box in a red box unless to screw with people? What are the odds on people getting this ship, let alone getting more than one so they can auction it? Is there a set amount and thats why they wont give the drop rates? Or is it just plain blind luck like the prototype Borg gear? Just some probable 2% random chance that some one will actually get anything.

I don't know what's going on at the Cryptic offices, but the loot drops are just not worth it, and frankly I can see why so many people are leaving. I'll try to stay for a little longer, the last of any of my friends who play, but still, while I'm not a terribly smart person, I see that the company has stopped caring about the fans and has become just too shady with how they do business. Too many lies and broken promises and frankly I'm just disappointed, both in star trek online, but more so in myself for believing in it as long as I have.

Please, feel free to voice your opinions on things like the Jem'hadar ships and the poor drop rates for anything worth something to you in game. I'm curious to see if I'm the only one who has lost faith here.