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12-14-2011, 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by dwight44
How many EDC's does it take to get this borg damage modifier for space,whats it called? someone asked if they had repulsers in a STF thats not it right?

Save your EDCs. You will eventually get more rare borg tech than you know what to do with. 2 rare borg tech will give you one MK XI space or ground weapon.

The ground weapons do kinetic damage against the Borg, even if they are adapted (I believe, someone correct me).

The space energy weapons have a 7.5% chance to do 1000 radiation damage against the Borg.

The space torpedo weapons do 1000 radiation damage against the Borg.

I have enough rare Borg tech that I am almost tempted to chose "greed" on rolls but it may become more useful in the future, so I am saving it.