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12-13-2011, 11:59 PM
Originally Posted by dwight44
5 EDC for ground mkX weapon right? surley not for purple ship weapon. Oh just a sec all equipment from The EDC/rare borg salvage vendor is all purple correct? so i just need 5 EDC maybe 10 or just 2 rare borg salvage for the borg dmg enhamcer.
I believe the rate is

X (very rare): 5 EDC or 1 rare salvage.
XI: 10 EDC or 2 rare salvage.

While rare salvage does not drop in every mission, you can get lucky and get two in a bag and one or two on a roll in a single mission and the only thing it is good for is the standard gear requisitions.

EDCs can be used for the MK X and XI special reserve gear, so I would save up for that and just use whatever Borg salvage you get for MK XI ground and space weapons with the [Borg] modifier.

By the time you get enough EDC to buy one full MK XI set, you should have gotten enough rare salvages to buy whatever ground and space weapons you might need, because you seem to get one for about every five STFs on regular and you only need about 20 to fully outfit a cruiser and get two ground weapons.