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12-14-2011, 12:03 AM
Originally Posted by Koopa27 View Post
Well mine is really simple and to the point.

2 Turrets

Rapid fire 3, Omega 1, Rapid fire 1, Tac team 1
Overload 3, beta 1, Tac team 1

Power to shields 1, Power to shields 2

Hazard Emitter 2, Transfer Shields 1

Settings of 100/50/25/25

Borg console.

Also, I have no Ensign slot as this is a BoP. Massive firepower with the cannons, almost always running off of Rapid fire, Beam overload adds a ton.
I left this as mostly a Fed side thread, but it works with Klink Raptors too.

Birds of Prey are a different story though... MUCH more interesting layouts are possible for STF's (Grav well AND Eject Warp Plasma anyone???)

My only comment is with Rapid Fire/Scatter Volley 3 vs. Omega 3. You actually get higher weapon damage with Omega III and said cannon skills at level 2. I did some testing with this to confirm, and its actually quite a large difference in damage output from your weapons using the better attack pattern skill.

Its also why Bridge Officers with Scatter Volley 3 are worth almost nothing on the exchange now.