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12-14-2011, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by kirian_darkstar View Post
That's why it shouldn't happen.

For example: I am a LTS to STO, so i will be getting the Stipend for as long as it is offered or the game severs close down.
If I chose to take a long hiatis from STO, instead spending my stipend over at CO, that means that i most likely won't be purchasing CP to use there. I would be a playing and making purchases for free. Adding no more funds for CO but adding to their server strain... ie a bum
Well, I tend to disagree. For one thing if I'm playing CO instead of STO, what difference does it make? Either way I'm using server resources.

Secondly, once I'm playing CO my stipend probably won't be enough, and I'll be inclined to spend some more money in the c-store. Plus with CO being a subscriber is actually worth it, so they might get another $15 out of me per month (would never think to waste money on an LTS).

The games are already owned by the same company, so building some sort of artificial accounting wall between them strikes me as being completely asinine. The cross promotion potential is much more valuable than any accounting problems.

However, I tend to agree that Cryptic's post PWE attitude seems to be more about screwing subscribers over as much as they can, and not actually doing anything to sweeten the deal, even if it would mean more cross promotion of their games. So, I'm sure this will not happen.

Guess what? I probably won't be playing much CO.