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12-14-2011, 04:48 AM
Here is my current (from memory), anti borg stf setup:

Weapons: 2x DHC, 1x DBB, 1x Photon front, 4x turret aft. all mk11 [borg] tetryons

Engine, shield omega force mk11
deflector: positronic mk11
devices: subspace field modulator, aux bats to augment healing and deuterium for running away
eng console: +35 kinetic, +35 plasma/tetryon, RCs, +35 shield strength
sci: borg, somethign shield stuff
tac: 3x tetryon pulse

tac skills beside my own: BO1, Torpspread 1, CSV1
eng: ET1, 2xA2ID1, A2SIF3, EPT3, EPT2
Sci: TSS2, HE1

For pvp i switch the [borg] guns for [acc]x3 guns, insert the aegis deflector and engine and the honor guard shield for maximized defense. and sci powers as needed, but in general i leave them in this setup.

Flies liek a really heavy escort in this setup, does nice damage and can stay alive for a good deal of time. Definetly not a ship you can ignore in PvP.

And its very fast for a cruiser, i get up to a speed of over 170 in a flat out run, not full impulse.