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12-14-2011, 06:04 AM
Originally Posted by T-Galloway
No exchange/conversion as such, I'm afraid. You can only get your hands on the XII gear by doing Elite STFs; the tokens that grant you the items are random drops from the boss fights, where you normally pick up your Encrypted Data Chips.
Hmm, interesting. I can foresee that being very difficult later on. Like say when you've collected 2 out of three 3 set pieces and keep then getting the same item to get those same two lol. Do they at least mesh with the ones of lower tier? Say for instance, would two of the pieces from the recruit level set still grant bonuses if the third piece was newly replaced with one from the veteran set above, and so forth?

Originally Posted by DecadeComplete
Oh hey. Welcome back.

Noticed your sig. Were you as mad as I was that the new Exeter (the Connie re-refit) was still a T2 ship? I almost just turned right back around and left again lol. Would likely have if not for all the other new "toys" to play with. At least I really liked the look of it I guess. *Shrugs*

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Engineering reports have gone the way of the dinosaurs.
Most unfortunate. Did they say why?