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12-14-2011, 07:37 AM
The bio-neutral warhead you get with the free raptor this month seems to be pretty devastating. And it goes into a weapon slot, for an aft. but still fires forward ...

The two cruiser consoles are marginal at best, the isomagnetic charge is ok in PvE to taking out cluster sof frigate type vessels. The effect in PvP is very lackluster, unless you find a fedball of damaged ships. Not worth the hassle.
The Magnetometric Generator is also suboptimal, but this time even in PvE. Not worth it at all. Tiny disable and small repel and some damage that is. Well, it would work nice for cleaning out entire minefields in one go, but thats it.

The aceton assimililator and the thea radiation vents seems to be pretty effective and worth the bribe points.