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12-14-2011, 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
It was never exactly clear to me whether buying the T5 also gave you the T3. I ended up buying them for EC before the switchover. There was a thread talking about F2P preps that mentioned something along those lines. There may have been an update by the devs after the following post was made, but I couldn't find it.

glad to be of help

sadly i was kinda unable to use the forum for a week for a reason i should not talk about or i might find myself unable to use the forum again....
or i would have updated the Thread a few more times.


here are 3 more Threads about the T3 Excelsior + Nebula Situation <- i started this one, if you want my opinion on the issue just read the OP in this one.

i guess i understand now what the Dev's mean with "vocal minority" ;P
*points at OP, points at OP of the other 2 threads that are not from me* notice something? LOL SAME GUY!

I still agree with the OP, even if he has made 3 Threads about one topic instead of just the one.

They were never intended to be "Premium Ships", we the Subscribers funded the development time for these Ships, WE are the reason that Captain Logan had a JOB in the time he created those ships.
The Tier 5 versions were put in the C-Store, we payed for Captain Logans existance AGAIN. Now they ask us a THIRD TIME to pay for the same art assets....

without even fixing the Excelsiors pin stripes, which have Windows hidden behind them *facepalm*