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Dear Devs,

I rarely post on the forums because I do not like to be trolled or flamed, but this is rather important. I submitted a ticket to your support department and they casually brushed me off with a generic response without reading my problem. I am a life time member that has bought just about everything in the C-store so to say that I like the game and have spent gobs of cash on the store is an understatement.
But after claiming my tier 3 tribble test duty officer I saw that he said he had a space skill that boosts exposes, but I thoguth it to be a bug since he is only assignable to active duty for ground. I thought I could do like all my other c-store purchases and dismiss him then reclaim him to get a fresh copy, this was not good. Now I cannot claim him in the C-store it says purchased and is greyed out but I do not have him in my DOFF roster and I am unable to get him back.
I did spend an awful lot of time on the test server to earn him and would like and appreciate any help in getting him back. I do not have or want multiple copies of him; I just want the one I earned back. Please help me, because your Customer service reps were horrid and gave me a speech about the buyback feature of merchants even though I was trying to convey to him that it was not an item but a duty officer that has no buyback tab. Please help Devs.

Thank you.