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12-14-2011, 07:58 AM
Season 5 made me much happier as well. With the complete eradication of all that is Star Trek from Star Trek Online, I have begun playing a different game. There is a more intensive grind in that game but there is a completely logical, story-based, and lore compliant reason for that grind. What's more, it is a PVP game where I have NEVER before enjoyed PVP but there I love it!. It has two fully developed and active factions battling it out on a near constant basis.

I can only hope that someone in the future will make an ACTUAL Star Trek MMO since I love the franchise so much. I'll keep checking the forums here to see if anything resembling Star Trek ever returns to this game. Sure it looks graphically like Star Trek, but scratch the surface and there is nothing of what Star Trek really is to be found.