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12-14-2011, 08:11 AM

1. Infected - fast, and as long as there's not one guy on the opposite side I can handle the optional objective myself if necessary.
2. Cure - not as fast, there's always a lazy person or two handling the optional
3. KA - long, optional gets unmanageable fast if somebody decides to go to the opposite side as the rest of the group - in infected when that happens, at least it doesn't potentially lead to a failure


1. KA - usually finish in a pug, but long. Gets my top spot because I've never seen somebody not remodulating in it
2. Cure - actually finished in a pug once
3. Infected - seriously, just never seen a pug finish this one, three times I've been the only person remodulating. Provided remodulators to the rest once and one got mad and left the group because I gave him a useless item he couldn't recycle for EC.