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12-14-2011, 09:14 AM
normal mode:
1) Infected (killing nanite probes while the others take out the rest is fun)
2) Khitomer Accord, fighting Donatra's Scimitar is a welcome change of pace
3) The Cure ...easy, boring fly towards the probes, fly low enough so the cube can't target you, you can take out 4 regen-Probes with BFAW / Scatter Volley / Torp Spread without even moving your ship.


normal mode:

1) Infected (optional is near impossible for PuG's, something always goes wrong... Boss room can be a pain because of respawning Borg Mobs right when the Boss starts shooting)
2) Khitomer Accord ...story is ruined, map is easy enough, the Boss is too easy, the puzzle is just annoying if you're in a PuG that don't know how it works. (i never was in the room, so i can't even help)
3) The Cure takes forever, Borg drones are sometimes invisible if too far away... never sure if the Forcefield was shut down, or if it failed.... can't Gozer make the button press thingies explode once the Shields are down? i don't know how many times someone ran back to the first clickie after the shield went down, and often that someone is me... AND you still get the button *fail*
not to mention that the BOSS has 3 INSTAKILL abilities and beating him is a respawn fest.

have not played enough Elite yet to have an opinion