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12-14-2011, 09:35 AM
Yeah but the Breen Set is so easy to get that it doesn't matter if it works together or not, it was a REPLAY reward anyway, so replaying those missions is not to much to ask for it.

By the time you get ONE item from the Elite STF's you already have hundred of runs down, you will have your Mk XI gear and you will not be able to use it without loosing the Set Bonus.

and as Mr Spock Avatar said, you WILL of course get one item 10 times before you get the final third that you actually want.

If at least the Set Items were one type of drop so you could choose yourself this would not be a problem, but since every item has it's own drop...

-> pure insanity

and you can't even trade the items to your other chars or fleetmates or exchange...
the only thing you can get for obsolete drops is 2000 dilithium... which is pathetic for that droprate it should be 20000 ;P

also 40 EDC for one Mk XI item is OK, but i will not spend a single EDC until i have 120, because the moment i buy one item with it, i will get a instant drop of the exact same item, if i get a item drop after 100 runs i can still just buy the other 2 and have the set complete with a bit less effort.

this whole STF loot setup is pure TORTURE