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12-14-2011, 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Actually thats not true.
Most MMO's that go F2P do not remove content and features from subscribers, nor do they add any "extra" grind that was not already there.
True - look at how the Champions ON-Line conversion turned out.

I do beleive though that PWE is HEAVILY influencing the STO F2P conversion BUT that said (and in a sense unfortunately for those of us who liked the more casual aspect) - PWE is in fact correct in that what they have done causes more players to spend time in the game, and as a result, are more likely to get something from the C-Store; and love or hate teh mechanism; but the 'Grab Bag' paradigm (which is a well known staple in other PWE titles) has been the MOST SUCCESSFUL (in terms of outright profit in relationto Dev Time/Resources invested) C-Store item in STOs histtory and probably this alone has validated the F2P move for Cryptic upper management and any investors alike. And I'm also sure CBS' licensing will be happy to see a larger payment as well (based whatever profit percentage CBS gets from the IP licenseing agreemnt.)

(And it's bad in a way for those of us who want to get them to add mission content at a faster pace as THAT takes a longer time and more resources; and overall doesn't see as high of an ROI in the short term.)