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12-14-2011, 12:24 PM
As I've said elsewhere, I can see them putting very rare and desirable ships in the grab bag.

Soem examples off the top of my head include:
  • a 'canonized' Negh'Var with some extra slots or powers, and the two disruptor javelin 'pontoons'
  • a 24c replica of the Relativity (probably a +2 science ship)
  • Akira battlecarrier
  • T5 Connie/Excalibur
  • any other ship that they say CBS has not wanted in the game.

I've also revised my opinion: I don't think they're going to put any future grab-bag ship or the JHACKS in the C-Store. Ever. They made more money selling chances for the JHACKS than they would selling the JHACKS itself. If they put the JHACKS in the C-Store then they're telling people 'wait for it to be available in the C-Store.' Now, we all know Cryptic's track record on 'exclusivity,' but the grab-bags are something of a different paradigm for them, and (ironically) this is their chance to cleave to exactly what they're saying, making it impossible to get the ship outside of a Red Grabbag. If they have a stable of ships that are ONLY available via grab bag, which only two or three or four times a year they can make available through the grab-bag or by buying a chance to get it on the C-Store, they will make a really pretty obscene amount of money.

That 3.2% of the playerbase who've been on in the past week spent a 'more than casual' amount of money on mere chances to get the JHACKS is itself surprising. That's a good chunk of people wanting to get a speshul shiny. (Wait for it...) I can understand the appeal of unique and special things, I tried really hard to get a Sansha cruiser in EVE. (You knew this was coming) But this is the bugship. (If you didn't see it coming, you deserve this groaner!) Why do people want it?

I guess it just goes to show *sunVISOR* we don't know JHACKS.