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12-14-2011, 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by Russell-KV4S
I can't seem to get an answer for this question.

I bought C-store points which is good across multiple Cryptic games.
I'm now getting a STO only stipend.

If I buy something from the STO c-store, is my stipend being used first since my stipend is only good for STO? I would hope so!

Here is my ticket i sent to Billing support but they could not answer my question.
I'm unable to get the full history in the correct order from the web interface of the ticket system. So i'll attempt to recreate it.

Support responded yes stipend first but they could not guarantee it.

I responded back "can you verify that?" and got this:

Can I get an official verified response to this question please?
Well, if the ticket you posted, and the response you posted are anything similar to the actual ones, I suggest you delete them. It's against the rules to post private discussion between you and a Dev/GM.

As for an actual answer, I don't have one, but I hope this gets answered... so essentially, this post is a +1.