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12-14-2011, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by JCSWW View Post
If that's the problem, then they should of thought of that before releasing an unfinished idea. Sme goes for the skill tree. It's unfinished but they throw it in anyway. When they try and ruin the fun of playing, you have to expect people to find creative ways around being forced to grind excessively! Whether it's just broken or they just didn't think it through. It's a problem either way! If they didn't think it through well enough, thent he problem is one they should bre embarassed of!
yep, i just dont like it when they blame it on a unexsistant problem, when the REAL problem is right there in front of everyone to see. proof is all there. jsut thought people would like to know

i wonder if they will allow transfer of dilithium once its back on, we shall see

if they want the enforce this 8k a day then it wont, if not then why have a limit at all?

eitherway they cant make there mind up and its embarrsing for them