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12-14-2011, 02:58 PM
The new active powers are intended to be competitive with existing powers, not specifically better.

Originally Posted by Phoenix_Lord
One question, does the Super Rares - Xindi - have their own packs or are they mixed in the regular packs?
Regular C-Store packs.

Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
How do the Chances of the new Purples compare to Regular Purples? Is a mere mortal going to see one?
The chance of getting one of the new purples compared to the existing purples is about 1 in 10.

Originally Posted by JustynThyme View Post
Is that Engineering Exocomp the same as the Tribble reward? I got the Tactical Exocomp, but never got to tier 3, so I didn't get the Tier 3 reward. If it's the same, I'd feel better (though still upset that I didn't get it for my account).
Different. The Tribble reward was a Tactical Exocomp, this is a straight Exocomp and is more Engineering oriented.