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12-14-2011, 02:15 PM
Short Term:

More visual effects with the different sets. Especially the sets that have no visual effects already.

Grab Fleet members to join the Defera Borg invasion together.

Replay the Breen series "Cold Call" mission while talking to the Ambassador in the Defera sector (I forget the sector's name). It doesn't trigger when I hit replay from the mission/calendar window for some reason.

Mid Term:

Sets that operate on console synergy, and are mostly crafted sets rather than PvE questing rewards.

Faster PvP starts, as I've yet to see a PvP match actually start, nor even seen an existing one to join. Perhaps only require 1 vs 1 PvP and allow for drop-in, drop-out (up to 5 team members per side) until their is only one faction left standing. Maybe make PvP rewards reflect the odds ratio (3 versus 1) and the amount of time spent in the match, to prevent players abusing the freedom of the system.

More PvP-PvE hybrid missions. I've seen one PvE mission versus the Borg in which the KDF can race the FED player to the mission finish (the one you get at K-7 starbase). I'd like there to be more of these and for them to have their own category in the calendar/mission interface so it is easier to join them.


1. Aim for a Clan Wars (Fleet Wars) interface like World of Tanks has for it's Clan Wars. Basically Fleets control territory in the neutral zone in their faction's name, make strategic moves, and then fight scheduled PvP matches in ST:O. With the F2Pers this, I predict this would make some revenue and energize PvP. Make the stakes a couple of diluthium mines, and maybe a 10 zone map to control.

2. Improve the first person shooter aspect of ST:O, specifically the PvP variant. It's pretty lively already, but it'd be more fun (Don't get me wrong, I like the Defera Borg invasion zone---it's pretty fun). Make it smoother and a little more like a 3D MMO shooter. Add more gun, gear, and skill customization for the primary avatar in PvP land war. Note: I'm not talking about the spaceship play---I like that fine.

3. Add another PvP faction, like the Borg, unlocked once you reach endgame with a KDF officer.