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12-14-2011, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by Aeleys
yep, i just dont like it when they blame it on a unexsistant problem, when the REAL problem is right there in front of everyone to see. proof is all there. jsut thought people would like to know

i wonder if they will allow transfer of dilithium once its back on, we shall see

if they want the enforce this 8k a day then it wont, if not then why have a limit at all?

eitherway they cant make there mind up and its embarrsing for them
Oh look...another failed conspiracy theory. I know being wrong won't stop you next time, but whatever. No one, including Cryptic, really cares about your imaginary clever way to accomplish earning more dilithium on more characters. The limit was and continues to be 8000 per day per character. If they had wanted it to be per account they would have made it that way.

And has been discussed before, there is nothing wrong with using the dilithium exchange as an account wide dilithium bank since C-Points are account wide by definition. Well except for the possibility that the exchange may be unavailable sometimes.