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12-14-2011, 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by BenjaminMaxwell View Post
Really? Where is this feedback coming from? I would honestly, sincerely, truly like to know. Because the forums and in-game chat are ablaze with virtually nothing but overwhelmingly negative feedback regarding the Winter Event, to say nothing of the T3/T5 debacle. There have been no public polls, no feedback forms, nor even a post-purchase survey that have presented themselves actually asking the playerbase what they think of everything being churned out right now. So again, and meaning no disrespect here, I am intruigued to know who these shadow figures are that are being 'polled' on what the community thinks of these things. Because they're clearly not playing the same game the rest of us are.
As has been mentioned before, the feedback that they are reading is the other numbers that D'Angelo mentioned -- specifically, that 40% of the people who logged in the past week bought at least one Red Gift Box from the C-Store, and that of that 40%, 8% puchased more than a 'casual amount' of red boxes, and 1% apparently put their children into hock and pawned off their furniture. (I kid!)

This is what Cryptic considers 'feedback', and... I can't bring myself to fault them. It's valid, and it matters to them, and it speaks louder than the forums at their most flammable no matter if you consider the forums and zone chat to be a vocal minority, majority, or in between.

Well played, Crytpic. Well played indeed.

(I guess the days when "If you build [a fun game] they will come (and pay you for it,)" are now in the past.)