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# 1 Fatal Error.
12-14-2011, 05:35 PM
So I got this game some days ago now and not to long into my playtime I get a good slap with a whole bunch of fatal errors. I do a ram test and 2 of my sticks are faulty. SO I take those out and do another ram test and everything is perfectly dapper - the game worked all buttery like. BUT not 30 mins ago I get a fatal error when I tried to board the U.S.S Warwick in the great bloom. Cryptic... I don't mean to sound like an *** but I played Champions and never had this problem so can you PLEASE address this fully because (unless it already has, I'm not gonna sift through hundreds of threads to see if it has) because it's a real shame to see SO many people having the same problem as me. And what on earth is the point in putting a verify in the launcher when it does absolutely f*** all. Now I'm no fan of blizzard but at least they respect the clients with a repair program. And to finish off I have downloaded your STO at least 9 times all with different errors. You should address this issue and make it a sticky so people can jump straight on it and get started on figuring out what is wrong (even though we REALLY shouldn't have to since you should have optimized this game to perfection before spitting it out. I'm having to redownload it as I type to see IF it fixes this problem. My thoughts shouldn't be on the fence about this, it should be HEY I'm redownloading this and it'll be smooth running. NOT hey ah crap i hope it works and no fatal errors occur. Thanks for making this game the most frustrating game to run and play (worrying about them whilst i am playing).
Cryptic you guys are a pain.
If you guys are busy working on the game and don't have time. Then I'm simply going to watch your free to play launch wither away and flop deep into the cult area of gaming which recieves no income. GL cryptic. If these problems did not exist this would be, instead of a complaint/rant, a collection of compliments.
Cryptic your company's integrity is questionable.