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12-14-2011, 06:36 PM
Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
You can have KDF to LG in a day... maybe two. KDF PvP below LG level is pointless... and nobody cares what ships you use while leveling. So that point is kinda moot.
Looking at it strictly from PvP standpoint - sure.
Except the Devs didn't design these consoles froma strictly PvP standpoint.
The consoles can go on the BoP more than anything else because within the KDF fleet the BoP is the most common vessel. Existing in numbers far beyond the other vessel classes.
SO not moot- your vision was too narrow in thinking on it.

Sure you could shoot the guy. If you could move, if you could target him, oops you're dead.
lol- 1 vs 1 any spam pushing build is gonna hurt - tis why you don't see people 1 vs 1 carriers.
In a team setting like any pvp que or Ker'rat, that BoP is a tissue target easily destroyed or likewise crippled as easily as what it has done to you with those 4 consoles because your buddies should be targeting him as well. You may die if not healed but it will definatley die due to lack of "toughness".

Don't think 1 vs 1.
1 vs 1 up against the right build or if you are unprepared, a Science, tactical or even better engineer always has the chance to get the upperhand with or without consoles and really just by the normal powers alone when played right.
Don't think 1 vs 1 becuase locking somebody down is easy enough 1 vs 1 without consoles for the experienced player.