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I think I could stomach the luck-based grab bag a bit better if a Blue gift was not a possible drop for the Red gifts.

Considering how crazy rare it is to get a Red gift from the Winter Wonderland race, imagine the chagrin of a player who finally grinds one out only for it to -- surprise! -- become a Blue instead. As they say in Spaceballs, "FOOOOOOOOLED YOU!"

It's a slap in the face and a huge disapointment.

This is also an issue for the c-store Reds. After the first four, people spent real money on those. As much as I don't like Pay2Win, I find Pay2Lose even worse. It's not as though the Red gift drops don't already have boobieprizes; there's no need to have them downgrade to Blue's too.

[EDIT] ...In fact I would be willing to INCREASE the likelyhood of Blue gift drops by the same rate that the Reds give Blues to make up for it, just to be secure in the knowledge that the Red gift I worked so hard to get will STAY RED.