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12-14-2011, 05:56 PM
Cryptic most of this info is completely useless. Just seems like youre pretending to resolve issues. You've seen corruption of all types? Yeah well so have I actually. Downloading straight from the source (YOU cryptic) multiple times. And boy have I done everything in my power to fix this wreckage of a game. The Fatal errors are YOUR fault cryptic NOT ours (most of the time). So if those fatal errors are down to faulty ram sticks (which the error report reported once to me) then FINE. I remove the faulty ones and it works for a short while before screwing up a decomp of a texture crashing me to desktop. Now like i said in a another post 15 mins ago my 2 remaining sticks are faultless. So unless you can pin it on something else get your act together please and stop feeding us crap. There's so much info that on the out look of things its obvious youre just dressing up useless info with colours and organization (table of cont) etc. Yeah that's all very quaint but ONE locked thread where you actually go through this fatal error problem with the other devs (so we can all see) what the hell is causing these failing decompression errors. (As you can see I've had this problem for more than long enough) I SIMPLY want to play this game you have made and that i have paid for WITHOUT something at the back of my head telling me not to rage when it crashs to desktop eventually. I shouldn't have to think like that when I'm trying to enjoy myself. Do you understand cryptic?