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12-14-2011, 07:19 PM
To just reaffirm what I said. The launcher has now started (after I've logged in to just get stuck in "Patching" when there are no file transfers happening. GJ Cryptic. /golfclap

Oh and yes I have closed and opened it many times. OH and look at that a cryptic error from the launcher. Don't tell me I downloaded a corrupt launcher. WHOS FAULT IS THAT? mm? The ONLY thing holding me back from going into full swing to get my money back over this is that other people are sharing in the grief of your technical failure. SERIOUSLY you guys couldn't get any lower or appear to be nothing more than slackers. Honestly and you're going F2P. I'm sure the noobies won't know what hits them when some of them get hit with this. But I suppose that passes for your standard doesn't it. SOME people not being able to but I guess it's the revenue for you that counts. To any other STO gamer out there, I'm not flustered like this at all. It is merely the frustration of being done wrong by a company that refuses to take a long stab at fixing this. Because I have seen posts about this problem dating back over a year now. And that says to me that you guys are just ignoring it or can't figure it out yourselves or just don't have the time/resources to do so. And if that's the case then you guys are in a sorry state seeing as this 'Fatal Error' issue is the biggest problem on your hands and when this game goes F2P you'll see a massive increase in "WTF fatal error" and "cant play the game halp!" from a scourge of dauntless noobs demanding an explaination. I AM DONE.