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12-15-2011, 07:32 AM
The problems here aren't specifically factional but more of a continuation of previously broken mechanics which remain unaddressed. Spam (in this case stacking multiple abilities) and disables aren't a new issue. Many of these consoles are based on mechanics that don't seem quite right anyway.

Theta and Eject Warp Plasma are cleared by the first tic of HE but the debuff is quickly reapplied and subsequent tics of HEs HoT fail to remove the debuff or protect against it.

AMS is broken in several ways but the perception debuff from Theta allows you to see nothing but the cloud around 1km around your ship. AMS prevents you from seeing the one who used it but Theta prevents you from seeing anything. You can't even tell which way to turn if you could turn in the first place.

All of these problems are compounded by the fact that they are free AoE abilities which are semicounterable by only single target heals.

Too many abilities, too freely available, based on bad mechanics makes these seem worse than they might actually be if all things worked as they should.