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12-15-2011, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by rayvenwing View Post
Please god no.

I prefer the destroyed version of it drifting lifeless though space on my loading screen 8P
Just when I thought it was not possible for you to rock any more than you do:p

(I actually had a ton of fun at the theater with the JJ movie -- but I have to agree 100% to being nothing but relieved to hear that this is a non-issue thanks to the lack of rights protecting us from ever seeing that universe cross over with the STO universe. Part of why I fell in love with STO is that by charting a course for the main Trek time line, carrying the baton so to speak for the main line while the JJverse does it's own thing on the big screen, -- the fact that STO was here carrying the mantle made me much more at peace with and able to enjoy the JJ thing for what it is -- as long as it stays 'over there' and lets me have my STO in peace

Sorry, that got convoluted. It's hard to concentrate with that much cosplay win in the thread