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12-15-2011, 11:40 AM
In terms of 'pure cannon' the JJ verse is an official alternate time line which would be just as valid (from a fictional cannon POV) as any other 'alternate reality' (e.g. The Mirror Verse).

In terms of RL, how Paramount is marketing the JJverse, the current plans for new material from the Stat Trek franchise, the JJ verse is, for practical intents and purposes, in effect a separate franchise. The technicality of it's being a dimension branching off of the same universe was a clever way to try and lesson the blow to hard core fans and pay respect to the history of the franchise, but the end goal is where we are now. It was to get us to a place where Paramount and JJ can do whatever they want with a 'whole new' Star Trek that gets to make use of all the the big features of the TOS IP, without having to make any effort continue trying to adhere to the cannon as they move forward with the franchise (with the 'pilot' movie and it's ties to the regular universe out of the way).

The whole point of the film and even the point of the particular way in which they tied it to the main cannon, was so that the new JJ verse could have to freedom to be wholly 'other' from 'your Fathers Trek'.

There is now a 'wall of separation'* marking the departure of the JJverse from the regular cannon, and may that never the two should meet again.

Make it so.

*the phrase 'wall of separation' is misused all the time anyway so I didn't think anyone would mind if I did it here:p