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03-01-2009, 04:04 PM
The thing about the episodic missions is one thing I had asked if i had been to the release of the first trailer. But since I am from germany that would have been a major trip just to drop off one question ;}

Even though I registered only recently with the forum I am monitoring the developement and the plot developement that is written for quite a while now so it's really a good thing to finally know who to blame if something doesn't add up. ;-D (kidding)
I am however a little bit worried, not by the fact that the writer behind the game hasn't made any ST games yet or anything like that, but more the fact that it is only one writer overall, doing all the little chat-bubbles, all the dialogs, all the stuff that normally takes a team of plot developers for any other mmorpg.
Also Star Trek has always been the work of multiple writers, there was not a single season of any star trek series i know of that was entirely written by one person alone.
Now one writer (and I have no doubt about her abilities or anything that's not the point) writes nearly 30 years of plot. In a manner of speaking one person now controlls the "entire fate of the galaxy".
Am I the only one concerned with this?
So in fact there are two questions:
Is it really enough to have one person working on so many plots and will it not affect the size of the game?
Is the huge responsibility of writing so much "history" fit to be handed to one person alone?

Now to round this up, plz don't get me wrong, I have no specific problem with the plot so far or anything in particular, in fact the detail on some of the characters lifes have been more accurately described than I had anticipated. So all in all i am just asking if there is some kind of control over what is done here, becasue from what I understand the plot will be "law" for any future series (may there ever be more that are post Nem.).

I have given it alot of thought, even if i should write this at all, especially since i have not yet spoken up about STO but I think it is about time. :]

-waiting for the impact, TreffnonX (plz don't rip my head off )