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12-15-2011, 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
PVP is a completely different story, and I make no claims to any of this as being PVP worthy.

I also make no claims as being a "hard-math" person, someone who spends their time reading and going through all the numbers in the game.

What this thread about above all else, is gameplay "technique" for Escorts in STF's. I'm sure there are numerically better approaches, and possibly setups you might enjoy yourselves, but this thread is indeed about pointing people in the right direction and helping players be more effective in general.

HOWEVER, I really do want to see as much feedback and as many different layouts as possible. I'd like to add some more "unorthodox" builds to the second post soon
PVP is actually a great way to optimize your builds, especially for STF's. PVP serves as a crucible to burn away inefficient builds until you are left with only the best possibilities. It also teaches escort captains how to hit and run, using their superior mobility and firepower to burn down much more heavily shielded opponents without getting killed in the process.

With regards to STF's, choosing the right gear and BO-skills definitely makes a difference. If your escort only goes "pew-pew" and dies shortly afterwards, then its DPS will be far lower than an escort which keeps itself alive by doing more than just DPS. Yes, CSV and Torp-Spread are excellent choices, but they should be backed up with crowd control and damage mitigation to maximize STF completion odds, especially when PUG's are concerned.