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Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
I did some quick "hard math" on the 3 different shield types I'm testing.

Aegis - 118 regen, 10291 PER shield facing, 41164 total shield strength.
MACO MK XI - 152 regen, 9812 PER shield facing, 39248 total shield strength.
Borg - 246 regen, 7796 PER shield facing, 31184 total shield strength.

This shows why the Borg shields have a big issue... They have 10,000 LESS total shield output. This means while using Tactical team, you have 25% LESS total shields to spread across your shield facings.
This is why the Borg shields drop so fast!

I'll have to test out using a regen console with 2x epts to see how that works keeping the regen shields alive, but its obvious now looking at the math why the Borg shields haven't been holding up very well.

It also makes a STRONG case for using MK XI MACO shields. Not much less total shield output compared to the Aegis, and you get the extra resilient factor of absorbing 5% of the hits.
Borg Shield Neutralizer is a flat shield drain per facing -- Tactical Team makes no difference whatsoever here. And no, Borg shields don't go down fast at all on my ship, so there must be more going on with your build than what was already mentioned.

I already mentioned that Borg shields are already known to have 24% less shield capacity in a prior post, so the above does not provide any new insight. However, they also have twice the recharge rate of Aegis Covariants across all 4 shield facings. Shields still recharge once every 6 seconds. Borg shields regenerate 984 shields accross all 4 facings per 6 seconds, or 164 shields / sec. Aegis recharge 478 / 6 sec, or 78.66 / sec. Factor in the Borg Shield regen procs, and the Borg shield wins in sustained combat. The only time the Aegis has an advantage is when your ship takes big damage via alpha strike. However, in elite STF's, ships take huge damage numbers in every fight, every second, thereby forcing the escort to constantly run away to recover more frequently. Elite Tactical Cubes do hit over 40k per shot at full power, so no shield will provide adequate protection as-is, even with tactical team up.

Originally Posted by kostamojen
Originally Posted by Shar487
It also teaches escort captains how to hit and run.
Which is exactly what NOT to do during STF's, and one of the main reasons I made this thread.

If you can't survive a certain situation for sure, then yes think about running (a good example is if you are solo-ing half of KA, and that big group of Probes and Spheres spawns from the gate after the other gate is destroyed... Best to run, cause you won't survive until the rest of the team comes to help). But the purpose of this thread is to build an Escort that can hold fast and pump out the DPS, in order to quickly take out primary targets.
Stationary camp-and-pew-pew basically reduces your ship's defense to zero, thereby increasing the damage taken per hit. This is perfectly fine in normal STF's where things don't hit hard, but in elite, survival is required if you do not want damaged systems to pile up and ultimately cripple your ship's ability to finish the elite STF. I guess our different STF difficulty preferences explains our divergent tactics.