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12-15-2011, 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by Shar487
And no, Borg shields don't go down fast at all on my ship, so there must be more going on with your build than what was already mentioned.
Factor in the Borg Shield regen procs, and the Borg shield wins in sustained combat.
I did more testing with the Borg shield, Field Generator, and regen console. Also with the Emergancy Power to Shield 1 and 2.

It is indeed a VERY good setup, and I'm going to add it as a "regen" build.

I still have issues with big hull damage hits with this setups, and times when the EPtS's aren't able to hold up for short periods allowing the shields to drop.

My question is, what power levels are you running?
Stationary camp-and-pew-pew basically reduces your ship's defense to zero, thereby increasing the damage taken per hit. This is perfectly fine in normal STF's where things don't hit hard, but in elite, survival is required if you do not want damaged systems to pile up and ultimately cripple your ship's ability to finish the elite STF. I guess our different STF difficulty preferences explains our divergent tactics.
You don't have to be 100% stopped to point and pew. Even going reverse gives you the "accuracy" defense bonus.

However, that is just an accuracy defense bonus, not an actual resist bonus. So moving wont save you from the huge torpedo hits.

And yes, I do run Elites, mostly Infected space due to the failure possibility on the other two. I've also completed KA with the secondary a few times with specifc skilled groups of people rather than pug groups. I don't have any defensive concerns with my current build minus the tactical cube of course.