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The Empire has many enemies groups who would want to see it fall and left in ruin. Some even dare pretend to be one of us. The Empire however is strong and we enforce our borders and secure our colonies however we cannot be everywhere at once.

There is a small Klingon colony who has an Overseer in charge of a local subjegated populace, the race of populace escapes me and is not important. What is important, however, is that this Colony has been assaulted. We have received a distress call from this colony on Sanek VII however no information was sent as to who was responsible. The High Council needs you to make sure that this insult to the honour of Klingons everywhere is dealt with. Find out who assaulted the colony and make them pay with their lives for such an act on the Empire.


Mission: Enemies of the Empire
Author: Bazag
Allegiance: Klingon

Enemies of the Empire is a Klingon mission driven by a simple yet effective premise of restoring honour to the Empire. This mission is combat heavy so be prepared to fight but it's also more than the fight. It's also about honour, contrasting those with honour to those without and making a stand by not lowering yourself to their standard in the process.

I do hope you enjoy what I've created for you here.

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