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12-16-2011, 03:17 AM
Originally Posted by Pottsey
It seems to me that since the change to consoles armour tankers are left out with no useful consoles to use in the sci slots. I used to use Halon System to boost Hazard Emitters but that console now gives a bonus to Power Insulators which is useless to us. Can we even boost Hazerd Emitters anymore? Whatís a good console to use?

(The above is written from the prospective of an Eng pilot flying cruisers)

It also seems trans torps are completely useless now Plasma torps have been buffed and do more hull damage. Trans torps used to be sort of ok before but now why would anyone use them?
You think you have it bad as an Eng/ Cruiser? Try being a Sci and having very few consoles that affect your skill in a meaningful way. At least the 4 Eng consoles you have are useful, my 4 Sci consoles are certainly not as useful as they once were.