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12-16-2011, 04:59 AM
Originally Posted by Forgotten-Nemesis View Post
The Galaxy-R is the most useless VA cruiser in the game now. Every other cruiser does a better job at everything. The Galaxy-X is now arguably the very best VA cruiser. It has the combat power and boff stations of an assault cruiser, tanks better than an Excelsior, and it has a free Lt. Cmdr weapon power that makes it an absolute beast in combat if used correctly.

I think this is how the stock Galaxy R should be:

Cmdr. Engineer
Lt Cmdr. Engineer
Lt. Tactical
Lt. Science
Ensign Universal

4 Enginering console slots
3 Tactical console slots
3 Science console slots

Universal Saucer separation console

The Galaxy-X should be removed from the C-store as a ship and replaced with a "universal console pack" for the same or lower Cryptic point price:

"X-Type Equipment" - All universal consoles, as follows:

Phaser lance console: Adds phaser lance ability and cosmetic parts for the phaser lance and third nacelle.

Cloaking device console: Adds cloaking ability and cosmetic parts for the nacelle pylon winglets (call them the cloaking field generators)

Dual Heavy Cannon console: Adds ability to fit dual heavy cannons and cosmetic parts for the cannon mounts on the top of the saucer,

Venture refit should be left as-is.

So, if you had a Galaxy-R with all the universal consoles from the Gal-X and Venture, you'd be down by 5 console slots. Instead of 10 free consoles to play with, you'll only have 5. But, the useless saucer separation console will now become useful; pair it with dual heavy cannons for example.

I absolutely love your suggestions.

Additionally it would be great if we would be able to use all Galaxy ship parts on the VA Galaxy and Nebula.
(including Envoy and Celestial. Some Parts would be really nice to have)

Live long and prosper.