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12-16-2011, 05:21 AM
Originally Posted by RichardJ View Post
Entitlement, that's what it is. People want to have their cake and eat it, which (short of getting a replicator) isn't possible.
Unfortunantly. The vocal gamers are somewhat infamous for having some of the most twisted sense of entitlement known to humanity. If they buy a game, the expect to get everything and anything they want from it at all times. If they don't, it's somehow their duty to rant and rave and complain about it because "I paid money" for it.

So Cryptic does some patches every few days for a week. So what? It's not like you're suddenly going to be missing a whole lot for 2-3 hours of the day. Go talk to your friends, your family. Something. STO isn't such a difficult game that missing a few hours is going to matter.

Heck, I just use the downtime to get some extra sleep somedays, or something. Do I wish the downtime was during sleep? Sure. Does it bother me? A little. Do I honestly care if they're bring the server down to fix, or add things? Hell no.