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12-16-2011, 06:00 AM
I really hope that in the new FE series we get a chance to learn what is happening in the Gamma Quadrant. As for the assimilated Jem'Hadar:

I think the borg Jem'Hadar are no problem. Borg assimilated Jem'hadar, learn about the white addiction, they know about the white, they have samples of the white, they learn its compound and how to synthesize it. Just because the federation couldn't replicated it doesn't mean someone else couldn't.

Heck, if they got ahold of a single Jem'hadar ship they probably would have learned everything they needed to know to maintain Jem'hadar drones. It's reasonable to assume that their advanced medical capabilities could have even figured out what exactly the white provided the Jem'hadar and then just directly injected said nutrients/chemicals into the Jem'hadar drones.