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12-16-2011, 06:21 AM
well... you don't have to max it out... i'd guess 200 is already more than enough for everything.
100 should be enough for most anyway.

it's an OPTION if you are super nerdy into DOff's than you can max it to 400.

not interesting to me AT THE MOMENT
right now i am thinking more of buying some inventory slots, for all my 7 chars... with the stipend and dilithium exchanged to c-points... probably when it's on the next 20% sale....

because the DOff system and all the *collect items instead of currency* approach lately, my inventory gets so full that i need to constantly clear it... and thats just annoying by now.
i spend more time micromanaging than playing *sigh*

more inventory would mean less trips to ESD to clean up... = more time to boldly go, collecting dilithium